Sunday, June 9, 2013

Boating Life

So this weekend I took a little break from blogging, because, well, I basically took a break from everything. I am sure many of you reading my blog are not from New Hampshire, but if you ever find yourself in the area, take the time and go to Hampton Beach, NH. There are so many things to do in New Hampshire. You know, a lot of people think that New Hampshire really doesn't have a lot to offer, but we do. New Hampshire is one of the few states where there are the mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, farms, and heavily wooded areas. Where I live in NH, I am only 1 hour away from ski mountains, 45 minutes from every major beach on the coast of Maine, NH and MA, I'm less than an hour from Boston, and am also near tons of lakes. My state is THE place to be if you are the outdoorsy type. The one thing I really enjoy though, is the boating life.

My family has a boat and we keep it in the marina near my house. I have had the opportunity to learn so much about boating and I love it. My mom just recently got her boating license and it's been so cool watching her learn the ropes and it's inspired me to learn too. I just got the book for it and I'm currently studying to get my boating license. Hopefully, I will have my boating license in just a few short months! Or at least by the end of the summer! I've discovered that being out on the open water is something I really enjoy, and I don't mind the hard work it takes. I've been telling some friends about how someday I want to get my own boat and really put my skills to the test. I get a lot of raised eyebrows because I'm a girl who is doing something that is really male dominated. I know girls who have their boating licenses, but mostly just so they can ride jet skis on a lake.

I think it's cool though. I want to be able to show my friends a good time and I will feel so proud of myself if I am able to do that using the skills I am working really hard at perfecting. Also, I think people don't realize how many females actually are into boating. There are actually a lot of women down in my marina who are into boating just like me. It's really awesome being surrounded by women who also share the same hobby as me now. It makes me feel good that I have plenty of people there who are helping me learn how to be successful at this. Some of them are older, and a couple are my age, but regardless of their age I still feel like they are going to be my life long friends, and in a different way than any other friends I have ever had.

I encourage all you women to do what you love, even if it is male dominated. I feel like sometimes girls shy away from doing things they really like because they are afraid of being judged by boys. I can easily just tell you that you need to be more confident in what you do and not care about what boys think, but I know that it isn't that easy. I've been in that situation where I haven't done something because I was afraid that people, like guys, would think I was being too boyish or not feminine enough. Want to know what I think though? I think that if you are a girl and you are confident and doing what you love, that right guy is going to think that whatever you do is sexy, even if that means you are doing dirty work on a boat!

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