Monday, June 24, 2013

Food Food Food

One of the toughest things about working in a office is when there are random office parties! My department celebrates all birthdays, so every month there is cake. Sometimes a couple times in a month! Then some days there's pizza, or candy, and just random chocolates and other forms of delicious food! I can't escape!

Today, we are celebrating two birthdays, so thankfully there is only one cake this month! I swear my office is trying to get me fat! They are always saying things to me like, "Oh Mary, have a cupcake, you're so skinny you can have it!" Okay, I love the compliment of being called skinny, but my body doesn't look like this naturally. My body looks like this because I DON'T eat those things all the time. Everyone's body is different, and mine definitely cannot handle eating all this delicious, but junky, foods every day. I have many friends who can eat whatever they want all the time and not gain a pound. Me, on the other hand, cannot do that. On top of that, I am only 5' 2", so if I was to gain 5 pounds, it would show on me more than it would on a woman who is 5' 9". So in other words, I have to be careful with what I eat.

I am not, however, a health freak at all. I try to eat as healthy as I can, but I think that it is a little too stressful to be counting calories, or reading every label because you are trying to keep track of every little thing going into your body. I would rather just eat in moderation, and exercise as much as possible. I can't make it to the gym all the time, and especially during the summer right now I am busier than ever, but I think as long as I make it there as much as possible, I am in good shape.

I do, though, think I need to work a little harder. See, with summer comes BBQs, and get togethers, besides salad, there are not too many healthy choices. I am a lover of food. I cannot go to a BBQ and not stuff my face. Basically, I have no will power. I guess I would rather just workout a little harder the next day than not eat and enjoy myself with friends and family. I am just not overly concerned with my weight. I know that I am at a healthy weight, and I am happy with the way I look. I know that once I become older my metabolism will change and I will eventually have to be very cautious with my food choices, so I am really just trying to enjoy it now while I can!

Speaking of food, it is time for me to go on my lunch break now, in which I will try to eat a nice big salad seeing as I will be having dessert today! I am apologizing to my stomach and insides in advance! ;)

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