Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Grinds/Greases My Gears

Normally when I make post, it's usually a story, or an opinion about something, but I decided it would be cool to change things up. If this idea goes well with all you viewers, then maybe I can try to make it a once a week post. I call it, What Grinds My Gears, and What Greases My Gears. When I was on my high school newspaper team, we used to do this in each edition, and it was actually really fun to write, and people who read the paper seemed to like it too!

What Grinds My Gears, are things that are annoying to me in some way. What Greases My Gears are things that make me happy in some way. So here it goes!

What Grinds My Gears:
  • When I put in my contacts in, and there in a tiny piece of dirt inside that makes my eye feel like it's been stabbed 5 times (For anyone with contacts, you can relate)
  • When the salad bar at work uses old wilted lettace
  • When cars go 10 miles under the speed limit
  • When my USB cords break after about 2 weeks of getting them
  • When I'm at the gym and someone takes the last bench and uses the bench to put their weights on and doesnt even use the bench to sit
  • When someone says how they "bet all the members of Radical Something smoke weed" (that is false by the way. Only one of the band members do)
  • Putting on jeans right after they have been dried
  • Getting in my car when it's 114 degrees (Hello suffocation)
  • When customers at the Casino complain about our high prices (Welcome to the beach)
  • Animal print
  • When someone doesn't text me back
  • Drunk idiots
  • New speed bumps on the road my office is on
  • Sitting down all day
  • The fact that Cosmo magazines cost so much

What Greases My Gears:
  • A warm chocolate chip cookie
  • The feeling after a workout
  • Jumping in the ocean
  • Eating fried dough from Blink's
  • Walking into work at the Casino Ballroom
  • Ice cold water
  • Ending the day a little tanner than before
  • A well made bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Good morning text messages
  • Getting paid
  • A full battery on my phone
  • When a song comes on that is perfect for the mood I'm in
  • Wearing my favorite romper
  • Ice Cream Tuesday at work
  • Bonfires

Well, there you have it! These are some of the things this week that have grinded, and greased my gears! Until next time! ;)

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