Monday, June 10, 2013

Lying Is A Dangerous Game

So. I have read many books in my day, and I have watched many T.V. shows. I know they are just movies and stories and it's not real life, but if there is anything I have learned from those stories is that lying NEVER works out in the end. Just take a minute and think about some of the movies you have seen. In a lot of them, one person lies to another person about something for whatever reason, and before the end of the movie the person lied to finds out somehow, and then there's a big problem. What happens next is there is mistrust, and usually some big dramatic scene where the person lied to walks out. The only thing that ends up fixing it is the person who lied has to swallow their pride and tell the complete truth, in the hopes that they will be forgiven.

Now, here is where movies are just not realistic; in order to create happy endings in these stories, there needs to be forgiveness and in many cases the lying that happens not only gets forgiven but it gets forgotten. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry but life does NOT work that way. In movies they make it seem like lying isn't as big of a deal as it actually is because in the end everything works itself out. NO! No no no no no no no. If you are one of those people who believe that you may as well just stop reading this post because what I am about to talk about is not going to make it through your skull.

I can admit that I make a lot of mistakes. In fact, I make tons of mistakes all the time, BUT I OWN UP TO THEM. I have a big mouth and well, there's no filter with it. What is the result you may ask? TRUTH. I speak the truth. I can't lie and don't know how to lie. If I actually tried to, I would be so dreadful at it that it would just make me look bad. I just choose not to lie.... period. And I'm serious. There is absolutely no point whatsoever to lie. Think about a time where you have lied to someone. Once you say that lie, you have to keep covering it up whenever that situation/topic gets brought up. Now what you have done is create more work for yourself because you have to remember what your "new" story is. Why would you want to stress yourself out over trying to figure out how your going to change a story to not get yourself in trouble or protect someone's feelings?

There are many reasons why people feel the need to lie, and I understand that, but honestly, in almost every case, the truth comes out and the person who lied usually ends up saying "FML" to themselves (or literally outloud) because they put themselves in a worse position than they did if they had just said the truth to begin with.

Listen here, I am a full time college student who has a billion things going on and I have 10,000 things to do and remember at all times. My brain never has a day off. I don't have time or energy to lie. Do you know how awesome it feels to not have to worry about what I say around people because I haven't lied to anyone? It feels really good. I don't know how people do it honestly. If your hanging out with a group of people and you start to tell a story and then realize mid story you can't say certain things because you lied to someone in the room about that exact story, dude, your in trouble. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL THAT WAY AND RISK GETTING CAUGHT.

Honestly people it's really quite simple.... If you don't want someone finding out about something you said or did, then DON'T SAY OR DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Now, is that so hard to do? You obviously are lying to that person to spare their feelings or not get yourself in trouble, so here's a thought, how about you just don't do or say that thing in the first place, and then you don't have to lie about it. IMAGINE THAT! The fact is, just too many people think it's okay to lie and I don't think people realize that just being honest and upfront about things in the first place is better than getting caught. Don't let that person find out you were lying, just tell them straight up. Though it may get you in trouble or hurt their feelings, if you make a mistake, OWN UP TO IT.

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