Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chillin' With A Plain White T

Have you ever met a celebrity? If you have, did you sit with them and just have a normal conversation? I don't mean talking about their career or traveling around the world or anything like that; I mean just hangout with them for a moment in time and see a glimpse of what they are really like? I have, and I didn't even know I was talking to a celebrity at the time.

A few years back after I had started working at the Casino, the Plain White T's were performing in July. I remember being really excited about the show because they have quite a few popular songs that have been on the radio and their name is really out there. For some reason even though I knew their music, I really didn't know what they looked like. I mean, I was a fan of the music but I never really took the time to learn about the band members.

Before the show that night I was prepping and getting ready for the show. I remember it was a really hot day and inside the building it was just so hot. I had to take some empty boxes outside out back and I was relieved because I desperately needed fresh air. When I went outside and discarded the boxes I decided to sit down on the back stairs for a couple minutes so that I could cool off. The back stairs is also the area where the tour buses are and where the bands were hanging out. I don't know why I never put two and two together that I was basically hanging out in the area where the Plain White T's were but I guess at the time I was just tired, and possibly a little out of it.

So I'm sitting there, staring out at the parking lot when I see a figure sit next to me on the other side of the stairs. I kind of look over at the corner of my eye and I didn't recognize the person so I kept on looking straight ahead. A few seconds later the guy goes, "Wow, I can't believe I've never been to New Hampshire before, this area is great!" I just looked at him for a second and smiled. (Damn, why was I so unfriendly)

Another few seconds go by before he talks again. "Sooo, are you from around here?" Honestly at the time I don't know why but i just wasn't feeling talkative and now this random stranger is asking me questions like this!?

So I responded, "Yeah, I work here I'm just getting some fresh air before I have to go back inside and get to work." Smooth Mary, real smooth.

Then the guy goes, "Yeah, I'm with the band, gotta get back to work soon too. But hey, what's fun to do around here? Some buddies and I were thinking of going out around here or something maybe you know some places?" Okay, this guy is nice. So I started telling him about some cool places in the area and then he started mentioned some places around the country he's been to and he was actually a really interesting guy. We talked for a few more minutes before I had to go back inside and he had to get back to work with the band.

A couple hours later when the concert had started, the opening band, Mae, had just finished performing and Plain White T's were up next. I was all excited to finally see them up on stage and live in person! The crowd was going crazy! The guitarists and drummer go on first and then all of a sudden the lead singer emerges and MY JAW JUST DROPPED IN THAT INSTANT. The second I saw him step on stage I was in shock. The lead singer of Plain White T's was the guy I was sitting and talking to on the back stairs a couple hours earlier. OMG. How could I not know who this guy was? Did I really have an entire conversation with this guy and not know that he is a huge celebrity who travels the world and is the lead singer of a band?! Yeah, that happened. I met this guy and I didn't get an autograph, or picture, or anything! Ugh!

At first I was so mad because I realized that I had totally just treated this guy like he was any other guy, and I wasn't even that friendly at all. But then, I realized, he probably really liked that. Being a celebrity he always has girls all over him trying to talk to him, get pictures, beg him for autographs and all sorts of stuff. I was the total opposite. He probably enjoyed being able to talk to someone who had no idea who he was. I realized that I had made a celebrity feel like a normal guy for just a moment in time, and that actually made me feel good. I don't have proof that I met him, all I have is the memory. What I do know is, while Tom, the lead singer, is mobbed by millions of people every year, he will always remember me as the regular girl who treated him like a normal guy. (Even if I didn't know it) ;)

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