Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tales From The Office

I ranted earlier this morning about my blog, but I am in a funny mood, so I thought I would share with you some of the every day, typical things that I have experienced in the office. For any of you who work in a office, maybe you can relate to this!

  • Oh, working in an office. It really is such a dangerous job. You know, you have so many opportunities to stub your foot on the corner of a filing cabinet. Let's not even touch on the subject of paper cuts. Who would have thought that putting a piece of paper into an envelope and sealing it could cause an injury with soo much blood! ;)
  • Hello, yes? Person in the cubicle five rows over from me? Yes, the entire office can hear you loud and clear talking on the phone to one of your clients. You are literally louder than the person right next to me. Also, you may or may not have blown out the ear drum of the person you were on the phone with.
  • And you, Mr. Car Sale's Man? Is that your name? When I ask you how your day is, you don't need to talk to me like I am one of your clients. You don't need to convince me that today is a perfect day for a walk, or how I should open up the windows in my house on this beautiful day. Trust me, I know, and every time I look out the window I am reminded of it... so thanks for stating the obvious.
  • If this one person coughs ONE MORE TIME, I will lose it. I will. Every 2 minutes. I have documentation of this from using my phone's stop watch. How about this, DRINK SOME WATER.
  • This next one is an unwritten rule for women's bathrooms. I know bathrooms are set up differently but here is the situation of the bathroom at my work. there are 4 stalls all next to each other. It is a secret unwritten rule of womanhood than when someone is in one of the stalls, don't go in the stall right next to them. Choose the next one over so that there is plenty of space between you two. I feel very uncomfortable when I know I am the only one in the bathroom, and you waltz in and take the stall right next to me, when you have two more stalls to choose from that are farther away. Unless you don't have any other option of stalls to choose from, don't be weird!!
  • They should be giving out free gum at the door when you walk in. Enough with the coffee breath people. Seriously. I worked at Dunkin Donuts for 3 years and I still don't like coffee, so no, I don't reallty get a high off of smelling your old coffee breath. Tic Tac anyone?
  • How about that awkward moment when you have to walk by someone. You see each other walking at each other. Mentally you are preparing for what you have to do. Say hi? Wave? Smile? WHAT? WHAT DO I DO???? Personally, I always smile and sometimes say hi, which still feels awkward. Immediately upon walking past them, I think of about 3 other things I could have done better than just smiling, and possibly saying hello.
  • Whenever I wear a pencil skirt, I know I am subjecting myself to a day of torture. Men, I hope you don't know what I am talking about. Literally, the second I put on that skirt I am in for a day of walking blunders. Getting into a car is more difficult, walking up and downstairs, making any sort of large stride while walking is not possible. WHO INVENTED THESE THINGS?

These are just some of the typical office blunders I can think of. I am sure during my lunch today I will think of more, and in that case, I will be adding more to this as I think of them! Beware of office blunders!

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